Technology, Strategy, and Transformation

This is the blog site for http://www.bohcay.com focusing on The Important of technology, strategy, and transformation. Current areas of interest are:

  • Corporate Strategy (what businesses should a company be in)
  • Business Strategy (how will a business achieve its goals)
  • Business model strategy (end-to-end alignment of value creation, delivery, and capture)
  • Business model transformation (how to go about implementing a business model strategy)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Software-defined information & communications technology infrastructure

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Fine art photography (art.bohcay.com)

  • Stunning fine art photography for sale: canvas, paper, metal. Many sizes, material, and framing options.
  • Landscapes, nature, animals, and life



Gentoo Penquins, Antarctica research station. Source: art.bohcay.com