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Strategy – Formula 1 – Most Important

“F1 has great assets, but is also faced with great shifts in technology, regulation, and cultural sentiments. Those are the kinds of conditions under which strategy becomes important – because doing the same thing is going to result in declining returns”

At top speed, reliability counts

“And yet, while the need for reliability is no secret, often we, and the technology we choose, fall short. Such are the realities of complex systems, the lack of visibility into everything going on, how everything impacts everything else, and failure under stress – the simple breaking because the forces being exerted cannot be held back anymore.”

What is a business model (part 1)

“Business models – on one hand, a pretty simple focus on the main preoccupations and competencies of a company, and on the other hand, a complex study of everything a company does to create, deliver, and capture that value.”

What is strategy

“Framing the issues, asking the right questions, analysis, influencing, driving action, and then checking the strategy for whether it is producing results. Understanding both what the company will and will not do, getting to that clarity by debating real alternatives and making real choices, with meaningful resource allocation. These are some of the aspects of strategy.”