Strategy & Planning
Industry analysis
Information technology / Internet

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The Great Disruption

  • Fourth industrial revolution
  • Pace & scope of change
  • Change agents:
    • 5G, IoT, Analytics, AI/ML, Cloud
    • Nanotech, Biotech, Quantum
    • 3D Printing, Material Sciences
    • Consumer/buyer values
    • Geopolitics
  • Will you survive?
  • Will you thrive?

Why Strategy & Planning

  • Clarity:
    • What IS changing
    • How do YOU need to change
    • What are the change OUTCOMES
    • Change PLAN
    • Change FEEDBACK
  • End to end without The Important being lost in the weeds

Simplifying Strategy and Planning

  • Simplifying Strategy & Planning through:
    • End-to-End focus on the The Important
    • Compelling context, questions, & answers
  • CxOs, General Managers, Product leaders, & GTM Leaders
  • Corporate Strategy, Business Strategy, Product Strategy, & GTM Strategy

Speaking Engagements

  • Disruption (through technology)
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Information Technology trends
  • Internet/networking trends
  • Internet transport and services

Consulting Services

  • Strategy: Corporate, Business/Business Model, Product, & Marketing,
  • Strategy & Planning: Toolkit to frame The Important
  • Transformation: Business model transformation toolkit and implementation
  • Product Management: Market requirements, product requirements, pricing

Subscription Services

  • Information of Things
  • Network Edge
  • Network Transport

Highlighted Paid Content

Highlighted Free Content

(Cloud) Cloud has been, and continues to be, disruptive. No Enterprise can ignore it. Yet it is a hast moving landscape VM–>Containers–>Serverless with gaps in development, operations, and economic analysis. Tool creaters, managed service providers, solution providers, consultants and integrators are stepping up to fill gaps. Read more in (BurstmodeTM) CloudExpo 2019, Santa Clara: Cloud Chaos.

(IoT) The IoT ecosystem remains complex, with high-levels of scope and scale. Yet, IoT remains vibrant, rich, fun, and full of opportunity. Read more in: (BurstmodeTM) IoT World 2019, Santa Clara, Ca, May 2019

(SD-WAN) In coining the term “SEDAN”, an acronym for secure, enterprise driven, application networks, we are highlighting what are The Important themes of the current revolution in Enterprise Networking. Read more in: (WideangleTM) SEDANs: SD-WAN and the Enterprise Networking Revolution.

(Strategy) The Value Generation framework both acknowledges the historical focus of strategy, in addition to including two newer dimensions, which are now becoming widely recognized as necessary to outsized performance, and in some cases, may even be necessary for survival – creativity and customer experience. Read more in: (PortraitTM) Value generation: The strategy C’S now include creativity and customer experience

(Business Model) Network managers can benefit from replacing large operational expenses, with smaller, OPEX-based, network subscriptions, focused on security, agility, automation, autonomy, scalability, and effectiveness. Network technology suppliers can change the game with an impactful Network as a Subscription strategy. Read more in (blog): Network as a Subscription – Opportunity to change the game