Putin Up With Putin

That feeling when you get thrown out of the club If you had asked me in the 1990’s, “What regulation is needed to keep corporations in check?”, I would have said “Individuals don’t realize the power they have at the cash register”. I no longer have to say such things. The era of the “Values-driven […]

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Values-Driven Buyer

This blog was first published in 2019, but given the ongoing trouble companies get into with their buyers values, it is worth republishing. One of the significant strategy / management consulting focal points over the last few decades has been the idea that shareholder value rains supreme over all other corporate values. The recent pronouncement […]

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Marketing: Six Degrees of Truth

Most of my career has been either in IT or in product companies. For a short time I was an Industry Analyst. During that time I spoke with many CEOs, on a regular basis. By far, my favorite was Scott Kriens, then Juniper Networks CEO, and still Chairman. The great thing about Scott, in the capacity […]

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