The Important

There has never been more “information”, analysis, noise, and stress to execute. Executing the wrong thing fast is not only a bad outcome, but also a waste of resources. Superior performance comes from focusing on The Important, so that strategic synergies are achieved across a value chain, leading to more impactful use of resources and superior performance. Our mission is to facilitate a systematic focus on The Important, both generically for all entities in a competitor set, but also uniquely when working 1on1 with specific clients.

The Important, is contextual. It also has “altitude”. That said, what is The Important at one altitude is influenced by what is The Important at another, and from peer entanglements. Over time, these relationships, and their impact, changes. We will update as required.

Enterprise Networking

As an example of The Important, our current view is that in Enterprise Networking, The Important is:

  • Security
  • Enterprise Driven
  • Application Networks

Which we refer to as SEDANs. The basis of competition in today’s market is based on these three dimensions.

The Import – Macro Context

Links to macro issues that influence/impact specific industries and market segments. Optional reading, we will highlight in industry/segment reports as relevant.