The Important

There has never been more “information”, analysis, noise, and stress to execute. Executing the wrong thing fast is not only a bad outcome, but also a waste of resources. Superior performance comes from focusing on The Important, so that strategic synergies are achieved across a value chain, leading to more impactful use of resources and superior performance. Our mission is to facilitate a systematic focus on The Important, both generically for all entities in a competitor set, but also uniquely when working 1on1 with specific clients.

Some examples of The Important follow

Macro Context

Links to macro issues that influence/impact specific industries and market segments. Optional reading, we will highlight in industry/segment reports as relevant.


  • Connectivity and access is maturing
  • Services are growing
  • Service augmentation may fill the CAPEX gaps

Telecom / Communication Service Providers (CSPs)

  • The revenue gap: how can CSPs move from stagnation to growth


  • VM/applications–>Containers/microservices–>Serverless/function-as-a-service

Enterprise Networking

As an example of The Important, our current view is that in Enterprise Networking, The Important is:

  • Security
  • Enterprise Driven
  • Application Networks

Which we refer to as SEDANs. The basis of competition in today’s market is based on these three dimensions.


  • Application Security
  • Security-as-a-service
  • State-sponsored cyberattacks