Mark Seery (Founder and Principal)

Mark leverages a diverse technical, analyst, and strategy background to distill The Important opportunities, challenges, options, and actions, for industries, corporations, and other entities. Mark’s passion is bringing systematic attention to what is really going to move the needle, or, as he likes to say “The shortest, highest return path, between information and impact, is The Important”.

Most recently, Mark worked for 10 years at Juniper Networks in Corporate Strategy, Operations, and Business Strategy roles, leading Business Model Strategy, Business Model Transformation, and Industry Intelligence. Prior to Juniper Networks, Mark lead the Routing and Switching research and consulting practice for Ovum-RHK, where he distinguished himself as one of the top analysts in his field. Other experiences include Product Management, Product Marketing, Software Engineering, Systems Programming, Network Design, and Network Operations. Mark’s Information Technology experience spans both Enterprise and Service Provider.

Mark’s passions include strategy and technology. Mark has also been known to occasionally travel and snap a photo here and there.

The environmental issue that Mark is most fired up about is the plastic problem. As a result, a portion of all bohcay LLC revenues are donated to organizations and individuals  addressing the plastic problem.


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