Talent Matters (cheat sheet)

What talent shows up, why that talent shows up, and how that talent shows up has a great deal to do with whether a company will be the best.

One the positive side of talent attributes, we have the sisters of success. On the negative side of talent attributes, we have the mothers of mediocrity and the fathers of fatigue. Let’s look at a few, and please, contact us and let us know and let us know yours.

Expanded explanations to come.

Sisters of success

  • An obsession with being the best
  • Shared clarity about the outcome desired
  • Shared focus on the outcome desired
  • Shared clarity about the roles and responsibilities
  • Adaptability in the face of surprises
  • Intelligent, focused, outcome-driven conflict resolution

Mother’s of Mediocrity

  • My tribe vs your tribe and other entitlement mindsets
  • The 80/20 rule becomes the 20/80 rule
  • Style over substance
  • Peanut butter

Father’s of Fatigue

  • Death marches with no follow-through
  • Tilting at windmills
  • Doing the wrong things right