Better Together: hardware and software experiences

Quick and free subscription to the leading Cloud, Network, and Security Newsletter, CloudNetSec from bohcay: link My first car was a “sin bin” that never saw any action (hey, shoot for the moon right?). My second car was a straight six, tuned length extractors, aluminum head, and three side draft, double-barrel, 45 mil, DCOE Webers….

SW licensing in the age of cloud: measurement and reporting

The Important In the age of cloud, agility, efficiency, and flexibility need to be the focus of operations Approaches to SW licensing that halt operations, cause manual intervention, or cause time consuming activities do not meet these goals There are multiple stakeholders involved in software licensing, complicating software licensing Quick and free subscription to the…

Open Source Software is not a Business Model – You have to create that

The Important Open source software: is a development and/or software source code licensing model. does not dictate or describe how value is created, delivered, and captured by a business. Any business using open source code: may face the need to have a non-product model and/or a tiered licensing model must have clarity about who buyers…

Network as a Subscription – Opportunity to change the game

Information technology in general, and networking specifically, have benefited greatly from silicon economics for decades. Consistent gains in networking price/performance have been on the capital expense side / hardware procurement. Operations gains have not benefited as much, and are increasingly a barrier to productivity.  Network managers can benefit from replacing large operational expenses, with smaller,…

Why (Networking) Software?

Why software, for any purpose? The simplest answer is: it is the easiest way, for the most engineers, to tell computers what to do, in the most expansive ways. The cloud era adds to that: it is the easiest way, for computer instructions, to be adapted to, the largest scope of computer / storage configurations….