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With a tilt towards strategy and business models, the Business Insights practice synthesizes learnings from all over vertical topic areas.

  • Corporate Strategy: What businesses / enterprises a company / entity should be in.
  • Business Strategy: How the business wins.
  • Business Model: How a company creates, delivers, and captures value.
  • Operating Model: The operations blueprint for supporting the business model.

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Featured Content

What is a business model (part 1)

“Business models – on one hand, a pretty simple focus on the main preoccupations and competencies of a company, and on the other hand, a complex study of everything a company does to create, deliver, and capture that value.”

What is a business model (part 2)

“You may need to wade through enormous detail to get the insights, but ultimately, the insights need to roll-up to a brief description. This way you can not only know the critical strength of a model, you can also understand where it is vulnerable, and what is going to be most impacted if the model needs to change.”

What is strategy

“Framing the issues, asking the right questions, analysis, influencing, driving action, and then checking the strategy for whether it is producing results. Understanding both what the company will and will not do, getting to that clarity by debating real alternatives and making real choices, with meaningful resource allocation. These are some of the aspects of strategy.”

The many variables of differentiation

“Focusing on all the possible ways to win obviously has the potential downside of confusing the heck out of everyone, including yourself, and losing focus on what makes you great. If what makes you great is still relevant to customers, prospects, and growth opportunities, then, you are in a happy place. If what makes you great is not as relevant, then considering the many potential variables of differentiation might be worth some consideration.”

From around the web

Why Coke is getting into the restaurant business

‘Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey said that the acquisition is more about gaining access to Costa’s many products — like its coffee vending machines, on-the-go outlets, ready-to-drink iced coffee and beans from its roastery — than it is about owning restaurants.”This is a coffee strategy, not a retail strategy,” he told investors on a call on Friday.’

Source: CNN Money