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Subscription services provide a continuous flow of actionable insight focused on The Important.

Subscription services are offered as either an annual subscription or as a monthly subscription. Monthly subscriptions are cancellable at any time during the subscription.

Consulting Products

  • Strategy & Planning Toolkit (Framing The Important discussions in a Strategy Review)

Consulting Services

  • Corporate strategy (what businesses should a company be in)
    • Industry Structure (how attractive is the opportunity)
    • Competitive analysis (how well positioned are competitors)
    • Portfolio analysis (investment profile for different businesses)
  • Business strategy (how does a business win)
    • Industry trends and gaps
    • Product & services strategy
  • Business model strategy (what value chain is required)
    • Value chain design and alignment
    • Value creation, delivery, and capture
  • Business model transformation
    • Business model strategy from design to execution
  • Strategy checkup
    • Assessment of your current strategy
  • Strategic options
    • Organic / inorganic recommendations to meet management team objectives


bohcay team is available for hire:

  • Conference/event/public presentations
  • Private presentations / training
  • Advisory services
  • Board seats