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Our mission is to ensure that continuous transformation stays focused on The Important technology and business issues that will determine success and failure in a time of unprecedented and accelerating change: AI/ML, 5G, IoT, Software-defined IT, Cloud, CPU design, quantum computing, digital transformation, and business model transformation. We achieve this focus for customers through:

  • Weekly newsletter
  • Continuous information services (research reports & inquiry time)
  • Strategy & planning toolkits (framing the annual strategy cycle)
  • Strategy assessment services (assessing company/business strategy)
  • Transformation services (how to make a transformation successful)
  • Public speaking (Customer engagement events)
  • Whitepapers (accelerating the impact of our customer’s marketing efforts)

With decades of experience in technology, strategy, and transformation, we bring a unique blend of real-world experience to The Important of success and failure in a dynamic technology and business environment.

Weekly Newsletter

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Strategy and Planning toolkits

Compelling, structured, easy to integrate framing of the essential issues, threats, and opportunities that must be addressed in annual strategy and planning cycles. Strategy & Planning outcomes are only as good as what is considered, and what is planned for. Make sure your strategy and planning cycle is addressing The Important issues.

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Strategy Assessment Consulting Services

Customized assessment consulting services taking as a base the general technology and business imperatives impacting all companies and then customizing the assessment to the industry a specific company plays in, or wishes to play in.

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Transformation Services

Toolkits and consulting services that ensure The Important is addressed during the essential ongoing transformation that all companies will face for many years to come.

  • What are the keys to the success of any transformation
  • Why do most transformations fail
  • Ensuring that The Important remains a focus throughout a transformation
  • When to consider organic change and when to consider an inorganic change

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Public Speaking

We have a track record of preparing and delivering a compelling and engaging presentation at events where our customers are engaging their customers.

Some recent speaking events include:

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White Papers

Concise, compelling, and impactful white papers customized to the marketing needs of our customers. A handy, third-part, expert perspective on what our customers’ customers need to be doing to be successful in a complex, dynamic, and challenging business environment. Pushing the unimportant into background noise, and focus on The Important.

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