Plastic Problem

The Important includes a sustainable and thriving environment with healthy consumers, because there is nothing more fundamental to business. In recent sabbatical travels, my awareness of the plastic problem was dramatically increased, especially traveling through South East Asia, India, and Nepal. I came back from that trip fired up about making a difference in this modern day menace that is seemingly everywhere.

  • I am committed to learning more about the plastic problem
  • I am committed to learning more about how my direct actions can reduce plastic
  • I am committed to supporting the effort to address the plastic problem, by donating a portion of all bohcay LLC revenues to organizations / individuals that are addressing the plastic problem

There are many environmental causes worthy of your time and effort. Thank you for your efforts in all of them. The problem of plastic is the one I experienced with my own eyes, and it is the one that has me fired up. Please join me in addressing the plastic pollution problem.

For more information, see: plastic pollution resources

Mark Seery
Founder & Principal
bohcay LLC