The focus of this website is what makes certain companies “the best”. One of the variables in any company is its talent, and sometimes a single person can have an overweighted impact on the success of any given entity. This page serves to highlight some of these people. This page makes no judgment on whether these people were/are easy to work with or not, whether they meet or fail current / past societal standards, or what kind of a personal life they had. A mention here is simply a respectful nod to the impact they had on a specific enterprise or human endeavor. This list will grow over time, and of course, there are too many great people in the world to mention more than a small percentage, if that. More than likely, if a person is on this page, they have demonstrated an obsession with being the best, over a long period of time.

Anna Wintour: Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Magazine

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“At an age when most women would be drawing their pension, 66-year-old Wintour, who earns upwards of £1.3million a year, is still the most powerful woman in the fashion industry — feared and admired in equal measure.”

Source: Daily Mail

Michael Jordan: Winner of six NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls

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“His Airness. The Great One. The greatest basketball player of all time. All these names are synonymous with one man and one man only, Michael Jordan.”


Steve Jobs: Apple, NeXT, Pixar


“Steve Jobs may not be the greatest technologist or engineer of his generation. But he is perhaps the greatest user of technology to ever live, and it was Apple’s great fortune that he also happened to be the company’s founder.”

Source: Fastcompany