Network Edge


No network is an island. The most important areas of investment, the most important trends impact all networks. The focus of this service is to identify the most important changes in networking, the most important areas of investment, the most important trends, distill the most important issues in each, and highlight the most important actionable insights. This is a big landscape practice that provides synthesis across many areas of networking. In 2019-2020, the focus of this research program will be:

  • SD-WAN
  • IOT
  • 5G
  • Edge Computing

All three of the above are entanglement in important ways, and analyzing each in isolation does not provide an overall view of the strategic issues facing solution suppliers, buyers, and users.


  • 2 Wideangle reports every quarter
  • 15 Portrait reports every quarter
  • All published Bustmode reports
  • 10 hours of inquiry time

Explanation of deliverables

Wideangle reports are long format reports that describe a broad landscape issue. Wideangle reports would cover specific technology areas, for example SD-WAN, as well as synthesizing across broader landscapes.

Portrait reports provide 2-3 page briefs, on a timely basis, focusing on important insights about a business/technology area, or events as they happen.

Burstmode reports take quick, imprecise, unvetted snapshots of many different subjects, for example at a trade show conference or exhibition