bohcay LLC Announces Launch

California, June 12, 2019 – Today we officially launch bohcay LLC, a research and consulting company, specializing in technology industry strategy and business models. We ensure clients focus, from strategy to execution, on The Important. The Important is the most productive, highest return path, from information to impact.

“Systematic execution of synergistic strategy elements, is the difference between companies that execute their strategy with outsized returns, and companies that inefficiently deploy capital and assets, with declining market relevance,” said Mark Seery, Founder and Principal, bohcay LLC. “In today’s context of information overload and digital transformation, the bohcay mission is to facilitate that systematic attention, from design to execution.”

As no single engagement or communication approach meets all needs, bohcay has a portfolio of offerings that includes:

  • TimeLapseTM subscription services
  • Customizable strategy products
  • Custom consulting services

bohcay’s initial technology focus is Networking, including two new TimeLapseTM subscriptions: Network Edge (available 2Q19) and Network Infrastructure (available 4Q19). TimeLapseTM subscriptions are pay-by-the-month, cancel anytime, subscription services. bohcay’s approach to subscriptions is articulated at the following link.

The initial strategy product is The Strategy Toolkit which frames an outside-in perspective of The Important issues and insights needed to execute a strategy review. Available 4Q19.

Consulting services include: Corporate strategy, business strategy, business model strategy, business model transformation, strategy checkup, and strategic options.

For more information, see links:

Products & Services
The Important

About bohcay LLC

bohcay LLC simplifies the complexity of corporate, business, business model, product and service strategy by providing a systematic focus on The Important, from ideation to impact.

Additional information can be found at bohcay LLC ( or connect with bohcay on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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