“BOHCAY” is a play on the photography word “Bokeh“, referring to the blurring of the background against which a focused subject/portrait appears. Creating a portrait of the best, requires focusing on what is important. The recognition of what is important is to some extent dependent on framing, which is also another photo taking skill.


Every great business, every great endeavor, is based on a story, a story of how that business is going to be the best, in whatever way that business defines “best”. This website, this business, has the mission of telling those stories. Stories about the best inspire us. Stories about the best inform us. Being the best, changes the competitive landscape. Being the best, moves business, and the human experience forward.

Radical curiosity into what makes the best, the best. Is it:

  • The way they live up to their brand story?
  • How they create, deliver, and capture value?
  • A unique positioning in their industry?
  • Control of critical resources and relationships?

The mission of Bohcay is to unlock the secrets of the best, in a spectrum of compelling industries; in a spectrum of ways to be the best.

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Mark Seery

Writing has been an integral part of Mark’s journey through life. Researching and telling a great story is Mark’s passion. Mark is a veteran of multiple decades in technology and business.

Early in his career, Mark was deeply engaged in the nature and application of technology. Through product management, product marketing, strategy, and business model transformation, Mark developed a curiosity into what makes the best, the best.

Mark believes that telling stories of what makes the best, the best, is critically important. Stories about the best inform, so everyone can become better; stories about he best inspire, so others can go further; these stories are the stuff of dreams, the energy that drives the human experience forward, and ever onward.