CloudExpo 2019, Santa Clara: Cloud Chaos

bohcay’s take on last week’s CloudExpo in Santa Clara.

“While there are many gaps in cloud computing, the size of those gaps depends on whether an enterprise is operating in a virtual machine, container, or serverless environment. The closer to serverless, the greater immaturity an Enterprise must navigate. The closer to serverless, the greater the potential for compute efficiency. As always, the size and maturity of an Enterprise IT organization impacts where on this spectrum an Enterprise will operate. As always, entrepreneurs, consultants, integrators, and solution providers look to fill maturity gaps. Cloud has been and remains disruptive. Few Enterprises can afford to ignore this approach to IT, whether public, hybrid, multicloud, or private cloud. At the same time, Enterprise IT professionals need to understand the tradeoffs inherent in different clouds, how new solutions can plug gaps, and what workloads should execute where – there is no single approach for optimizing all workload execution.”

Link to full document.


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