Information of Things: Looker & Tableau

When bohcay announces how it is framing its research and consulting agenda for 2019/2020, one of three highlighted areas will be the Information of Things. Compute, storage, and networking resources, are so abundant, that it is leading to a tsunami of information. Information is now one of the most valuable products in IT. It is going to become more valuable. Of course, what information, when, is likely to be a moving target over time, but for sure, we are just at the early stages of understanding how much information there is in the universe, and how we can leverage it.

The recent high-priced acquisitions of Looker by Google* and Tableau by Salesforce* emphasize this point. There are many ways to make money from information: collecting, selling, analyzing, visualizing, feeding it into ML/AI engines, and creating two-sided markets/platforms, too name just a few.

At the recent IoT World in Santa Clara, there were numerous information visualization technologies and solutions on show. No telling if any of these will reach the value of the broadly applicable solutions provided by Looker and Tableau, but they are clearly part of what has become a diverse technology ecosystem of incredible scope. The Internet of Things is clearly throwing off the Information of Things.

The Information of Things: a growing lake of value.

* no opinion about the valuations in these acquisitions should be implied by this blog, nor any view on recent analyst comments on the Salesforce 8K filing.

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