SEDANs: SD-WAN and the Enterprise Networking Revolution

How often do we see companies get fixated on an industry phrase like “software defined”, or the minutia of a project plan that has been carefully compromised to ensure all cross-functional stakeholders are happy, and in the process, completely lose sight of what is actually going to make a meaningful difference to the customer, and an impactful difference to the company’s competitive position? Way too often. That is why strategic plans, and the execution plans based on them, MUST focus on outcomes for the customer.

In coining the term “SEDAN”, an acronym for secure, enterprise driven, application networks, we are highlighting what are The Important themes of the current revolution in Enterprise Networking. We all know security is a must today, an evolving risk surface, and increasing in importance as Enterprise branches direct connect to the Internet/Cloud services. A fundamental shaping of Enterprise network experience is underway, shifting control of definition, and ultimately automation/autonomy, back in the hands of the Enterprise; a shift necessitated by the nature of today’s cloud service/application-centric world where a single communications provider cannot cover the cross-administration/multi-access requirements of today’s networks, with traditional approaches to VPN technology, instead, SEDAN overlays are attacking this problem, with today’s SD-WANs being the most talked about example. One of the consequences of the modern world is the inability for a single communications provider to guarantee end-to-end application performance across truly diverse routes/outside the scope of a single Enterprise VPN. Cloud services are driving this need, and SEDANs are answering the call.

Some analysts would say there has been no significant Enterprise edge networking innovation in a couple of decades. SEDANs, in the form of today’s SD-WAN solutions, are making up for lost ground, leading a revolution in Enterprise Networking.

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