At top speed, reliability counts

When it comes to the best, when it comes to performing under extreme pressure, and the highest speeds, whether we are talking about Internet equipment, auto racing, or professional photography, one constant is true – reliability counts. When the best in the world are putting themselves on the line, then they expect, and need, reliability from the equipment they are using.

And yet, while the need for reliability is no secret, often we, and the technology we choose, fall short. Such are the realities of complex systems, the lack of visibility into everything going on, how everything impacts everything else, and failure under stress – the simple breaking because the forces being exerted cannot be held back anymore.

In the current Cars (Racing) “From around the web” , we see how this comes into play with both planning, Mahindra not taking a risk on two years of revolutions in a row, and with the assertion that the McLaren team’s reliability is going backwards. We wonder out aloud, how much more so will reliability count and be tested as Formula E becomes Extreme E in the Arctic and Himalayas.

There are many aspects to reliability: good quality data, know which risks to take, architecture, design, planning, culture, and luck. The reliability pursued in auto racing is reliability that flows down, over time, to all cars, and all drivers.

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